Lake and Mountain
Quilters Guild
Copyright 2013
PO Box 22, Seneca, SC 29672
The initial meeting of the Lake and Mountain Quilters Guild that would
welcome all levels of quilters in our tri-county area was held in April
1987.  The original elected officers were President: Cheryl Kurey, VP:
Pat Brown, Secretary: Marge Edie, Treasurer: Debbie Hudson,
Program Chair: Laurel Horton, Newslettter: Wendy Stegall,
Hospitality: Jennifer Borg, Plublicity: Carol Grewe, Librarian: Linda
Harral, Telephone Committee: Mary Gustner and Ann Hall, and
obtaining our tax expempt status.  Sara Ballentine, Judy Grant,
Joan Jackson, Virgina Apostolik, Carol Ramsey and Lib Turner were
also involved in the formation of our wonderful guild.

One early Guild project was the development of our logo by Marge
Edie, Mary Ann Bagwell and Jennifor Borg.  It captures the essense of
the guild name in illustrating the lake and mountains of our corner of
the state and serves as a useful visual to identify us in print and media
applications.  A second project was designing and producing a quilt
representing the history of the area.  A grant was obtained from the
National Quilting Association resulting in the "Grant" quilt.  It is a
collage of history, events and culture in the Golden Corner.  Included
are motifs depicting the Stumphouse Mountain Tunnel, Clemson
University and the African-American College that was once located in
Seneca.  The quilt now hangs in a prominent spot in the main branch of
the Oconee County Library in Walhalla, SC.

From a small beginning, our membership has grown to well over one
hundred members.  Over the years, our meeting place has changed
as we've grown.  We've transitioned from members' homes, to the
Lutheran Church in Clemson, to the Chapter House of Seneca
Presbyterian Church, to The Blue Ridge Arts Center, to a small
meeting room in the Eternal Shepherd Lutheran Church, and finally, in
2002, to our current meeting place in their Fellowship Hall.

Our monthly meetings contribute to accomplishing our purposes of
encouraging quilt making and increasing knowledge and skills through
the expertise of renowned national and local quilt lecturers with
workshops from these same teachers.  Monthly Day Bees are taught
by our members who generously give of their time to teach what they
know.  Our biennial quilt shows promote quilt making to the general
public as well as serving as a major fundraiser for us.  There, too,
we've needed to expand from the original show venues at the Oconee
Extension Offices, to The Blue Ridge Arts Center,
to the Seneca Senior Center, to St. Luke's Methodist Church in
Walhalla, and lately, to the Shaver Recreation Center in Seneca.
Guild History