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Oconee Heritage Quilt Trail
Chris Troy, Oconee Heritage Quilt Trail production team leader, works
on another block.  Check out the next picture below--in the background,
you will see this finished block drying in the rack..
LMQG's own Gil Huggins works with Cynthia Leggett. Looks like there
are several pieces to this block.   (Notice the finished block in the rack.)
Work In Progress: Here you can get an insider's look at what it takes to prepare
these wonderful quilt blocks.  Members of LMQG,  local artists from BRAC,
OHQT project members, and interested citizens are busy painting at the Oconee
Conservatory of Fine Arts in Walhalla.

You, too, can be a 'QUILT BLOCK PAINTER'.  Click
HERE to go to the project
web site and learn more.
Two LMQG members, Verla Warther (L) and Mary Dee Rudy (R) are deep
in concentration to get this block JUST RIGHT!